Eduardo Sousa Ribeiro
Eduardo Sousa Ribeiro
21 X 14,8 cm
20 pages
100 copies numbered and signed
Lisbon, Portugal
Printed in cardboard Olin regular natural white 200grs. Colour.
“Self” departs from a selection of portraits made since 1993 until the present time. A book, where text is simultaneously cover and image, that questions if the deconstruction of an identity is a wanted situation for the growth/path of an individual. Or how the identification with beliefs, attitudes, taken as truth restrains the consciousness of a more deep identity of oneself.
The book is contained/protected in an envelope that serves as a second cover.

(Text provided by Eduardo Sousa Ribeiro to Tipo.PT)
Serralves Foundation Library, Porto, Portugal
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2013-07-29 00:50:41