À Distância –
Linha de Horizonte
Lourdes Castro
Manuel Zimbro
Photo by Claire Turyn.
Chiado 8 Arte Contemporânea
Open 34X12 cm ; Closed 17X12 cm
double postcard
Lisbon, Portugal
Offset, colour. Double postcard with a perforated break-up line.
This edition is part of an installation conceived and exhibited at Chiado 8 (Lisbon), between May and July 2013, curated by Bruno Marchand. The double postcard was freely distributed. It is a work in close relation with Teatro se Sombras (Theatre of Shadows), developed by the artists since the end of 1960. Each postcard contains a sentence, the one attributed to Lourde Castro is signed as “the shadow”, and the one attributed to Manuel Zimbro is signed as “the light”.

Note: The exhibition project Chiado 8 was conceived by Miguel Wandschneider and by the company Fidelidade Mundial.
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