Manuel João Vieira
Pedro Portugal
Pedro Proença
Carmona e Costa Foundation
26,5x20,5 cm
204 pages
Lisbon, Portugal
366118/13; 978-989-8618-52-8
printed in off-set, colour.
This book is the catalogue of the exhibition PANDEMOS, by Manuel João Vieira, Pedro Portugal and Pedro Proença, that took place at Carmona e Costa Foundation between the 26th October and the 28th December 2013. The catalogue was accompanied by the following books, each with a unique run of 30 copies: Alguns Desenhos Ilustrados, Manuel João Vieira; Que É Arte É and O Oxímoro, Pedro Portugal; Vida Longa Arte Brava, Byars-Lapa and Metamanifestos, Pedro Proença.
Pandemos is launched as a magazine but it is less and more than a catalogue. It is less because it has only a part of the exhibited works: some drawings by Manuel João Vieira, and the argument and frames from the film "Pandemos". It is more than a catalogue because it brings together a set of productions that don’t integrate the exhibition. Texts by the authors on the concept Pandemos are presented, such as Explicadismo (Explainism) or Pandemic Poems. And individual works are presented: a synopsis of Pedro Portugal’s movie "Star Port Expanded Time Vintage" on Port wine, and the Dossier Orgasm Carlos, on one of Manuel João Vieira’s iconic characters.
CFC collection, Lisbon.
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2014-01-03 18:09:16