But I Just Found Out That My House is in Flames
André Catarino
Design de Eduardo Ferreira
André Catarino
Isabel Baraona
Célula e Membrana / a9))))
30 cm x 20 cm
total of 62 pages when the “french fold” is cut
200 copies
Lisbon/ Berlin
394230/15 ; n.a.
Digital print black and white on Munken Pocket
80gr. 4 pages notebooks signatures with “french fold”.
Cover Sunken Pure 240 gr. Warm binding.
But I just found out that my house is in flames is a serie of drawings
made by André Catarino. The title is an excerpt from The Boat Song, by Black Angels (album Phosgene nightmare, ed. Blue Horizon records). The closed folio requires the reader to cut the pages to see the drawings.
As explained by Pedro Vieira de Moura: " (…) in a way, there are two objects: the publication before the reader cuts the pages, and the publication after this action; a publication with only the "external" pages. Afterwards, another, with the double of the pages, including those that were "inside". This cut, which can be more or less accurate, more or less elegant, leaves distinctive marks on the pages that then afterwards will play with what is presented itself. "
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2015-08-06 22:11:10