18º abaixo do horizonte
18º bellow the horizon
Ana João Romana
Susana Anágua
Design Paulo Sousa
Ana João Romana
open: 46x64,4cm ; closed: 23x10,7cm
1 poster printed both sides
100 copies, signed and numbered
n.a. ; 978-989-20
Offset print
Map published on the occasion of the 17th exhibitions program from Carpe Diem – Arte e Pesquisa, 10th May to 2nd August, 2014
The map 18º below the horizon suggests a cartography of light. The dawn and the dark happen 18º below the horizon line, when the light casts no shadows. The compass and the scale indicated on the map have the orientation from the city of Lisbon.
Photos by Eduardo Sousa Ribeiro
date time
2015-08-10 11:05:22