Controlo de qualidade
Ricardo Tiago Moura
Ricardo Tiago Moura
17X23 cm
124 numbered pages
64 folded sheets (total)
60 signed and numbered copies
DL 419658-16 ; -------
cardboard colored box (pink, blue, green or orange) with black elastic bands. Stamp on the cover and title page. Inside: 64 folded printed sheets, 90 grs paper, unbound.
“(…) The shape of Controlo de qualidade captures our attention and leads to rethinking some of the more simple gestures and practices of any reader. This volume (cover that closes a set of sheets bound by elastic bands) makes us reflect upon the act of reading not only as an intelectual ability but also as a physical activity centered in our body. Sacrificing the most pragmatic option of a fixed/glued page, Controlo de qualidade turns radical the idea of a book itself, any book. It brings absolute freedom to the experience of the volume: reading it ran-domly, leaving pages aside (in this case on the table, on the floor…), mixing them on pur-pose or by mistake.” Text by Elisabete Marques

The quality of something is always double, at least. And the quality of a day is of consecu-tiveness, many times repeating. My days, between 2014 and 2015, brought me a double will: a will of saying: a will of silence. Days of being alone and keep my tasks predictable. Days of losing place and starting to love planes: the sound of engines: the name. Consecutive days as the days of all of us who start (everyday) activities: tasks: reading books: meeting people: speeches. And what if a speech, a text, could propose a truth and a form that are similar to our days? That was the question I did before writing: the same question and attempt in every page of Controlo de qualidade. Each page could only be double: dialogue.
Text by Ricardo Tiago Moura.
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2017-08-18 13:46:17