Lourdes Castro
Lourdes Castro
Text by Pierre Restany
Galerie Edouard Loeb
43X28 cm
16,93X11,02 in.
poster printed both sides
Paris, France
Transparent plastic envelope, printed in silkscreen, one colour (blue). Poster printed both sides, in blue, on white paper.
Edition of a poster with a plastic envelope; the silhouette printed in the graphic work is in close dialogue and is coherent with the works shown at Edouard Loeb Gallery. The silhouette’ contour seems to be blurred as if it was printed in heliographic paper.
Quote from “The wonderful Story of Peter Schlemihl” by A.V. Chamisso, text by Pierre Restany entitled “La Mémoire du Vide”, in French.
The copy accessed and photographed belongs to Pierre Restany’s collection, preserved by Archives de la Critique d’Art, Rennes, France.
date time
2013-04-29 12:28:45