Rita Carvalho
Plana Press
Open: 48 x 68 cm
folded poster and a sheet with the text in Portuguese and English, both pieces in a printed envelope.
300 printed and numbered copies. Open edition, the file is available at the editors’ website.
Porto, Portugal
356257/13 ; 978-989-958-07-9-4
Poster in silkscreen, two colours, orange and blue. Envelope in duotone Offset.
VUMBI is a narrative map about the colonization of Congo?nowadays Democratic Republic of Congo?by Belgium, in the passage of the nineteenth to the twentieth century.
Its purpose is to remember the Holocaust carried out by the obsession of King Leopold II with the Congolese resources. The ivory and rubber fever provoked the destruction of villages and a violent system of forced labor was implemented, bringing death and disease to millions of people.
The resistance to all this is represented by Twa Mwe, a Kwango chief. Other Congolese, such as Nzanzu or Kandolo, would rise up against the injustice, leading rebellions in the “État indépendant du Congo”.
This is an open edition, the file can be downloaded ate Plana Press’ website.
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2013-04-29 12:45:45