Susana Mendes Silva
This edition was produced with the support of Centro Nacional de Cultura, it was presented and distributed by Assírio & Alvim, Lisbon, 1999.
Susana Mendes Silva
146 x 105 x 5 mm
64 pages
60 numbered copies.
15 non numbered copies.
Photos in format APS printed in Laserjet at 720 dpi's.
Amplicópia - detail printed in glossy photo Fuji.
Cover in cardboard Conqueror 220gr/m2. Edition printed in white paper 80gr/m2. The book was manufactured by the artist.
Delicatesse was made after a trip to Sarajevo in 1997, in the context of a workshop in Visual Arts organised by Alexandre Melo and the artist Alfredo Pirri. During my stay I photographed the house were I lived and the artists with whom I shared a room. During one of my wanderings in town I saw the neon, the motive that entitles this edition. It was in an abandoned mall, the only shining lights amid shattered glasses and closed stores.

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