The Red Book
Isabel Baraona
Isabel Baraona
12X17 cm
(6,69X4,72 in)
56 pages
250 copies
Cascais, Portugal
283295/08; n.a.
Offset, colour. Printset paper 120gr, cover 300gr.
In The Red Book special attention was given to the ink blots that cross and infuse several pages and consequentially mark the back of some drawings.
The women's bodies are often heavy for being chubby or for wearing voluminous skirts; they carry burdens (wool, organs and guts), their heads are swirls and their bodies are flayed. Note that a number of these characters appear in several pages as well as in the Blue book: they are repeated with slight changes, reproduced in a different scale, participating in different scenes - playing a different role, with another level of importance.
Halfway of the book we find a double page "semi-concealed " that stands out from the others because it is a drawing built like a symmetrical spot (similar to the stains used in the Rorschach test ). But quickly we realize that this symmetry is only apparent, that from the gutter bursts a female character and the sentence “the words of love: you are a landscape (self-portrait)”.
The covers and the endpapers of the Red Book are reproductions of the cardboard with which my working table is lined; they are the areas where multiple layers of paint are accumulated, from all the drawings printed in the book.
The Red Book is sold-out.

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This edition is available at:
- Gulbenkian Foundation library, Lisbon; at the School of Fine Arts and Design of Caldas da Rainha, Portugal

- Centre de la Gravure et de l’Image imprimée, La Louvière, Belgium;

- Tate archives in London, U.K.
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