KWY #2
Lurdes Castro
René Bèrtholo
17,5X30 cm
6,89X 11,81 in.
4 pages (2 single sheets not numbered) + covers.
60 copies
Paris, France
Silkscreen printed, several colours on brown paper. Collage in back-cover: - a silkscreen in black, red, and blue on white paper on the front; silkscreen in orange, blue, red, grey, and black on white paper on the back cover. Folded pages.
Cover by René Bèrtholo. In the colophon a text elucidates that this edition contains “a poem by Hélder Macedo, a silkscreen by Jan Voss printed by the artist at the Munich Academy; the poem “ o mar profundo” from the Brazilian poetess Lucy Teixeira; silkscreen by Gonçalo Duarte”.
The poems are illustrated by Castro and Bèrtholo. Jan Voss silkscreen is printed in black, red, and blue on white paper. In the last page a small silkscreen by Gonçalo Duarte printed in orange, blue, red, grey and black, 6,5X4,13 inches.
Texts in Portuguese.
KWY#2 is available at
Gulbenkian Foundation Library in Lisbon; Serralves Foundation Library, Porto, Portugal.
Kandinsky Library, Paris, France.
date time
2013-07-29 20:57:06