KWY #4
An editor’s note mentions that KWY includes the artists René Bèrtholo, Lourdes Castro, Christo, Jan Voss, João Vieira, José Escada, Costa Pinheiro and Gonçalo Duarte.
30X23,5 cm
8 pages + cover
100 copies
Paris, France
Printed in silkscreen, several colours, over white and grey paper. Loose-leaf sheet printed B/W offset. Stapled.
The cover is a detail of the poster printed to publicize the exhibition by Costa Pinheiro at Galeria Alvarez (Porto).
KWY #4 contain an excerpt of “Colle aux Archeologues” by Guy Weelen; fragment of “Dialogue des Palmes” and a text by Nuno de Bragança entitled “a senhora que dava ordens religiosas”; excerpt of a text by José Augusto França about Maria Helena Vieira da Silva and two poems by Cristovam Pavia.
This issue contains an original silkscreen by Maria Helena Vieira da Silva, as well as a loose-leaf sheet by Manuel Cargaleiro and drawings by René Bèrtholo. The back cover is an original silkscreen by Christo Gavacheff.
Texts in French and Portuguese.
KWY #4 is available at
Gulbenkian Foundation Library in Lisbon; Serralves Foundation Library, Porto, Portugal.

Kandinsky Library, Paris, France.
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2013-07-29 21:03:52