KWY #5
This issue was a collaboration between Lurdes Castro, René Bèrtholo, João Vieira and Manuel de Castro.
17X25,8 cm
40 pages + covers
134 copies
Paris, France
Cover printed in silkscreen on grey cardboard, and label stick in the right corner. The core of the magazine is silkscreened in several colours over different qualities of paper. Two images printed in offset are inserted in the pages.
Cover by Manolo Millares whom also publishes the text “Dos Notas” and a drawing.
KWY #5 contains original silkscreens by João Vieira, João Martins, Jan Voss and Lurdes Castro (central pages). Poems by Luiz de Macedo, Pedro Tamen and Joana. Two inserted black and white photos, a view from Lisbon by Denise Colomb and the photo of a painting by Lurdes Castro.
João Vieira and Manuel de Castro were invited by the editors to make a selection of texts, these pages are numbered from I to XX. The selection includes texts by António Ramos Rosa, Manuel de Castro, José Manuel Simões and Mário Cesariny Vasconcelos (text published without the author’s approval); essay by Vicente Aguilera-Cerni entitled “ El problema social en el Arte Abstracto”.
Texts in Portuguese, Spanish and French.
Manolo Millares’ text and the essay by Vicente Aguilera-Cerni were previously published at “Papeles de son Armadans” nº 37, in Madrid, April 1959.

KWY #5 is available at
Gulbenkian Foundation Library in Lisbon; Serralves Foundation Library, Porto, Portugal.
Kandinsky Library, Paris, France.
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