KWY #8, nº Vostok
The editors’ note mentions that KWY includes: René Bèrtholo, Lurdes Castro, Christo, Jan Voss, Gonçalo Duarte, Costa Pinheiro, João Vieira and José Escada.
11,81X8,19 in.
46 pages + cover
300 copies
Paris, France
4ème. Trimestre 1961 ; n.a.
Cover in silver paper with patters in relief, the title is printed in silkscreen, in varnish. Texts typewritten. The core of the magazine is a mix of several different qualities of paper and includes collages. A yellow strap with the name of the authors printed in black encloses the magazine.
The editors’ note explains that all the published content is original and was made for this magazine issue.
KWY #8 was done with a great number of collaborations as, for example:

Cover and design by Lurdes Castro.
João Vidal publishes “Cosmorama”, a collage of newspaper texts; Santiago Areal, publishes “Topique d’Actualisation”; Bazon Brock a cacophonic poem; José Augusto França entitles his text “Vive (donc) la Peinture!”; C.P. Jllinger shares an excerpt of “ Le chemin vers le rivage d’eau salée” ; Pieyre de Mandiargues publishes the poem “Astragale”.
Aubertin manually intervenes on a B/W offset print.
Benrath, José Escada, Klasen, Millares, Vieira da Silva, Szenes, Gonçalo Duarte made a silkscreen printed in black over a white paper.
Bertini, Bèrtholo, Christo, Pfahler, Gerresheim, João Vieira, Jan Voss made a silkscreen printed in black over a pink paper.
Gail Singer’s page is a silkscreen printed in black over brown paper.
J.J. Lévêque makes a collage with a magnetic tape with the inscription “fabriqué en France”.

Some of the works are not identified, however we find the following names in the magazines’ index:
G. Biasi, Burkhard, M. de Castro, Sabine Kuhr, C. Laszlo, J. Martins, C. Pinheiro, Spacagna, João Vidal, Guy Weelen.
Texts in French.
KWY #8 is available at
Gulbenkian Foundation Library in Lisbon; Serralves Foundation Library, Porto, Portugal.

Kandinsky Library; French National Library, Paris, France.
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2013-07-29 21:22:10