KWY hors-série
Sens Plastique #27
An editor’s note mentions that KWY includes the artists René Bèrtholo, Lurdes Castro, Christo, Jan Voss, João Vieira, José Escada, Costa Pinheiro and Gonçalo Duarte. (some issues have the participation of other artists)
Sens Plastique
22X14,5 cm
8,66X5,71 in.
28 pages + cover
Paris, France
Several printing techniques over different qualities of paper. Pages printed in silkscreen, collages. Loose-leaf sheets printed in offset. Cover with flaps. Pages stapled.
The magazine contains a text by João Vidal about Costa Pinheiros’ work; text by J. M. Simões on Jan Voss work; text by Guy Weelen on Christos’ work; poem by Hélder Macedo entitled “portrait de Lurdes Castro”; text by Fernando Gil on a work by Gonçalo Duarte; text by José Augusto França on the defining words “simulation calligraphique” used to define José Escada’ painting; text by José Gil on the paiting of João Vieira and, a text by Sebastião Fonseca on the work of o René Bèrtholo.
An editor’s note clarifies that the texts were written for a Portuguese public, in the context of a KWY exhibition in Lisbon.
Original texts printed in French.
This edition is available at
Gulbenkian Foundation Library in Lisbon and Serralves Foundation Library, Porto, Portugal.
Kandinsky Library, Paris, France.
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2013-07-29 21:27:06