KWY #10
An editors’ note mentions that KWY includes Lourdes Castro, Christo, Jan Voss and René Bèrtholo. René Bèrtholo coordinated this issue.
31X20,5 cm
34 pages
300 copies
Paris, France
4ème trimestre 1962 ; n.a.
Cover printed in silkscreen in 4 colours (black, green, grey and transparent light rose) on white paper. The magazine is printed in several kinds and qualities of paper. The texts are typewritten. Collages with paper and a collage with needle, thread and wire.
The cover announces that KWY is the only magazine made in 300 copies and printed in silkscreen. The cover combines details of several images sent by the artists.

KWY #10 contains original collaboration by:
J. A. França with the text “De L’”Anti-Peinture” (excerpt of a longer essay); Mimmo Rotella publishes 3 “poema suono”, nº 4, nº 7, nº 8; Jean Clarence Lambert, “Alea Annote”; Pol Bury publishes fragments of “Décalcomanies”; Imre Pan, “ La Mémoire de DADA”; Roberto Filliou publishes “Four-Dimentional Space-time Continuum” and a fragment of “ A Classical Play” written in 1958.
The pages « Décou-pages », printed in black on paper kraft, regroup fragments of images by Vigas, Jan Firch, Rancillac and details from silkscreens by Jan Voss, Gonçalo Duarte, C. Pinheiro, Georges Noel, J. Escada and René Bèrtholo.
Collage by R. Filliou and a sound collage by Soto, made with a needle, thread and wire on black and white paper.
This issue contains silkscreens prints by Peter Saul (one colour, blue), Corneille (grey, black and red), Lourdes Castro (silver and green), Brock (black, green, blue and grey), Costa Pinheiro (grey, blue, red and black) on white paper.
Nuno Bragança’s text was translated by François Dufrêne and René Bèrtholo.
Texts in Portuguese, English and French.
KWY #10 is available at:

Gulbenkian Foundation Library in Lisbon; Serralves Foundation Library, Porto, Portugal.

Kandinsky Library; French National Library, Paris, France.
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