KWY #11
This issue was edited by Lourdes Castro, Christo, Jan Voss, René Bèrtholo and was coordinated by Christo.
300 copies
Paris, France
Cover printed in two colours (black and violet) on white paper. The magazine is made with several different kinds of paper. The black and white pages are printed in offset.
The cover is inspired by a photo by Shunk and Kender, the head letters are by Raymond Hains.

KWY #11 contains texts by: Pierre Restany, “ Monoguênêr”; Roberto Filliou publishes “un poème d’amour ” and Alain Jouffroy the poem “ à l’Orée”; Mimmo Rotella, “poemas suono /1949/, nº6 and nº9”; Emmett Williams, made a selection of “ a selection from 5.000 new ways”.
Yves Klein, publishes a letter from 1959, entitled “Le Réalisme authentique d’aujourd’hui”, and a silkscreen print made from the anthropometries performed in 1960. Daniel Spoerri publishes “Topographical reconstruction of a criminal act” and a silkscreen printed in grey (folded page).
Ben, produced documentation on the performance done in Gallery One, London.
Daily-Bul made an insert, a pamphlet entitled “ Le nouveau réalisme dépasse-t-il la fiction?”.

This issue contains images by
- Arman, black and white photos and a silkscreen printed in black and red.
- Martial Raysse, made a silkscreen entitled “France Bleu”, in blue, green, orange and pink.
- - Niki de St. Phalle made a silkscreen entitled “ Autel de Saint Sébastien, Saint Sébastien rempli objects divers farfelu baroque” (folded page), in grey, black, red and yellow.
- Jean Tinguely, publishes “Peinture exécutée en collaboration avec “MEta-matic nº 122 par Eva Aelli”
- Shunk and Kender publish photos from Yves Klein’s performances.

Bernard Heidsieck, produced a 45 rotations album, that is inserted in the magazine pages.
Lourdes Castro, Christo, Gerard Deschamps, Raymond Hains, Villegle, Martial et François Dufrêne also collaborated in KWY #11.
KWY #11 is available at:
Gulbenkian Foundation Library in Lisbon; Serralves Foundation Library, Porto, Portugal.

Kandinsky Library, Paris, France.
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2013-07-29 21:31:14