Jornal da Oficina do Cego #4
(Isabel Baraona)
Isabel Baraona was the editor of the newspaper, in the name of Oficina do Cego.
Design: José Feitor.
Author of the printed drawing at loose-leaf Sheet: André Catarino.
Oficina do Cego
A3 (closed)
4 pages + 1 loose-leaf sheet
350 printed copies (an open file digital copy without the image of loose-leaf sheet can be downloaded at the Oficina do Cego blog)
Lisbon, Portugal
ISSN 1647-9378
Offset, one colour (black).
This fourth issue celebrates the first 3 years of Oficina do Cego.
Isabel Baraona wrote the editorial and José Feitor designed the whole issue.
On page 3 there is an article about Feira Laica written afterwards an interview with Marcos Farrajota and José Feitor. On page 4 Mike Goes West, GHOST, mmmnnnrrrg, Buraco, Pangrama, Chili Com Carne and Plana reveal their editorial plans for 2013.
All the photos belong to Oficina do Cego.
The loose-leaf sheet reproduces a drawing by André Catarino.
A printed copy is available at Gulbenkian Foundation Library, Lisbon; and at the School of Fine Arts and Design of Caldas da Rainha.
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2013-07-29 21:48:51