Stereo Headphones #7 – an occasional magazine of the new poetries
Printed by F. Crowe & Sons Ltd.
Nicholas Zurbrugg
54 pages
500 copies; 15 deluxe copies numbered from 1 to 15 are printed on hand-made paper and in addition contain a signed colour photo-poem by Kitasono Katué, a signed hand-written poem by Robert Lax and a signed silk-screen print by John Furnival. 485 ordinary copies are numbered from 16 to 500.
(April 15th)
Kersey (Suffolk, England)
Texts and images printed black. cover in black and red.
Stereo HEadphones nº 7 front cover is a photo-poem by Kitasono Katué.
The back-cover is by John Christie “Molloy’s Solution to the rotation of sixteen sucking stones through his four pockets “turn and turn about” an includes a tribute text to Samuel Beckett by Nicholas Zurbrugg.

The magazine contains:

- Samuel Beckett, “Sketch for Radio Play”.
- Drawings by Avigdor Arikha, “Samuel Beckett seated: 1972” (dry point engraving).
- Les Ombres, texts and images by Lourdes Castro; with photos by Monika Hasse (Berlin).
- Poem-Drawings by Brion Gysin.
Texts and drawings by Raoul Hausmann.
- Bernard Heidsieck, “La Poinçonneuse”, passé-partout Nº2. (Length 13’) The pages seem to be a sheet of music; transcription of an LP record Trois Biopsies + un Passe-Partout (1971); recording Christine Tsingos voice and produced by Bernard Heidsieck.
- Drawing by Kitasono Katué “Strollers” (1969).
- Text by Robert Lax “TRACTATUS I-IV”, originally published in 1972at Dryad 9/10, Washington.
- Images by Emil Antonucci.
- Text “Chaos” and image by Hans Richter.
- Text by Stefan Themerson “Chapter 8 of Wooff Wooff or Who Killed Richard Wagner”, illustrated by Franciszka Themerson.
- Text by Franz Mon “Concrete Poetry”.
- Text by Bengt-Emil Johnson “Fylkingen’s Group for Linguistic Artsand Text-Sound Compositions”.
- Afterword by Nicholas Zurbrugg after Raoul Hausmanns’ text “Que l’homme nouveau ait le courage d’être nouveau!!!”
All texts are printed in English.
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