Stereo Headphones #8-9-10 – an occasional magazine of the new poetries
Printed by Poly-Graphics Pty.Ltd.
Nicholas Zurbrugg
80 pages
1000 copies; 15 deluxe copies numbered 1 to 15 and seven hors commerce copies numbered H.C. 1 to H. C. 7 are printed on special paper and additionally contain:
- a signed hand-made silhouette multiple by Lourdes Castro; a signed silk-screen print by Barry McCallion; a signed etching by Tom Phillips.
Kersey (Queensland, Australia / Suffolk, England)
Cover printed in colour; text printed in black.
Castros’ cover for stereo Headphones is a silhouette. The inside front cover contains “Papyrus Sail”, a drawing by Barry McCallion and the back cover is a photo by Robert Lax.

Stereo Headphones #8-9-10 contains:
- The editorial “Time and Space: Fictions!” by Nicholas Zurbrugg.
- Samuel Beckett portrait dated Berlin 1977, by Ilse Buhs.
- Copy of the typescript “As The Story Was Told” by Samuel Beckett.
- Copy of the typescript “The future of the Novel” by William Burroughs.
- “Three Silhouettes of Buildings” by Lourdes Castro.
- Texts and images by John Christie “Word Clock III” ( 1978 and text dated from June 1979)
- Text by Thomas A. Clark, “Two Evergreen Horizons”, illustrated by Laurie Clark.
- Fragments of an interview between Henri Chopin and Laurence Kucharz, Larry Wendt and Ellen Zweig dated from October 20th 1978. The interview is illustrated with Chopins’ portrait, a photo by François Lagarde.
- Text/poem by Henri Chopin “Le temps aujourd’hui” and “Le temps aujourd’hui: Present times/Times today (The text was written upon the word “fou” (mad) taken from Robert doccionary)
- Stet Hansons’ text entitled “Henri Chopin, the sound poet”, with a photo by Guy Schraenen
- Henri Chopin portrait (Montpellier, 1981) by François Lagarde.
- Interview made by the poet and publisher Michael Gibbs, in Amesterdam in November 1976; play “Sten Hanson, 40, Composer, Poet and Sonosopher: Interview (November, 1976)”.
- Interview done by Lawrence Kucharz during Sound Poetry Festival in Toronto; play entitled “Bernard Heidsieck: Interview (October, 1978)”. The interview is illustrated with Heidsiecks’ portrait (Paris 1981) by Nathalie Heidsieck.
- Fragments of a series of 50 “écritures/collages” made in 1974 after finding a several transistors in Canal Street, NY. Excerpts from Canal Street 33, Canal Street 33/14, Canal Street 39 and Canal Street 39/27.
- “Kersey”, a collage by Marjorie Jenkins.
- Tom Phullips’ text “Some Notes on David Johnstone’s Work”.
- “Space Fictions” by John Stone.
- Robert Lax portait by Moschos Lagouvardos.
- Robert Lax texts “Journals, 1964” and “The Domes”.
- Susan Howe text “The end of Art”.
- Friedericke Mayrocker portrait by neue texte 20/21.
- Texts “Dada” and “Pro Diarium: Strawberries and Bouquets” by Friedericke Mayrocker.
- “Acceptance speech for the Horspiel preis der Kriegsblinden (Radio-Plat Prize of the War-Blinded) 1968 by Ernst Jandl and Friedericke Mayrocker.
- “On the Stereo-Play” a text by Ernst Jandl.
- “A Crew of Five” a radio play by Ernst Jandl and Friedericke Mayrocker (translated by Derk Wynand).
- David Briers’ text “Barry McCallion Up To A Point” illustrated with the portrait of McCallion and Briers (Whales, 1978) by Joanne Canary.
- Nicholas Zurbruggs’ text “From Chairman to Oarsman: Further Thoughts on Barry McCallion”.
- “A Decade of the Oars: The Collected Works 1970-1980” a collection of pages with notes and drawings by Barry McCallion.

Using Thomas A. Clark question “What is the state of the contemporary avant-garde?” Zurbrugg inquires several poets, artists and critics, English and foreign, as Lawrence Weiner (Amesterdam), Marcel Janco (Tel Aviv), John Furnival (Woodchester), among others.
All texts in English.
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