Conversas XXI – XXX
(Third Publication)
Graphic Design by Mariana Veloso in collaboration with Joana Durães.

Texts by José Macena, Nathaniel H’Limi, Michael Liot, Duarte Aragão, Ricardo Pereira, Joana Reais Pinto, Manoel Jack, Lachlan Cox, Gonçalo Campos, Francisco Rosa, Das duas uma, Nuno Pereira, Tânia Araújo, Tânia Cardoso, Teresa Macedo, Edgar Pires, Sara Orsi, Catarina Neves Ricci, Inês Almeida, Teresa Gameiro, Filipa Nunes, Diogo Simões, Tiago Patrício, Joana Pupo, Patrícia Sousa, Rede ex aequo, Constança Saraiva e Mafalda Fernandes, Miguel Lopes, Miguel Rodrigues and Sofia Evans.

Portuguese and english copy-editing by Constança Saraiva e Mafalda Fernandes.
Translation by Miguel Rodrigues.

Photographies by Miguel Lopes e Ricardo Pereira.
Constança Saraiva
Mafalda Fernandes
68 page + soft cover
100 copies
Lisbon, Portugal
Cover: printed in Riso, one colour (Red), back and front
Booklet 1: printed digital B/W, folded pages with tied with rubber band
Booklet 2: color, pages stapled.
This publication was made on the context of Conversas: a series of very informal meetings so we can get to know and discuss projects and interests.
They take place every Wednesday in two studios in Lisbon.
Conversas is a project by Constança Saraiva and Mafalda Fernandes.

“As a prime number, publication number 3 of Conversas made us think: was this publication an archive of Conversas XXI to XXX? Yes, but we wanted it to be something more. After a reflection on Conversas, we noted that a photographic project had emerged, and our translator wanted to reflect on that project; Constança and Mafalda wanted to think and write about the Conversas project; and the posters had stemmed from a challenge they had issued. Therefore, naturally, as always, synergies were created that shaped the project: an archive for Conversas and a bit more. Conversas meet people and generate knowledge every wednesday. This publication causes a meeting, once more, but it also looks to give back. “
Text by Mariana Veloso

(Text originally translated by Miguel Rodrigues and sent by the editors to Tipo.PT)
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2013-07-29 20:08:11